Energy Management Systems EMS


Simplicity, Control, Savings

The Incenergy Energy Management System gives you a variety of ways to handle your energy usage and the costs that go with it. Our innovative mobile app gives you flexible control and quick insight into your building's energy performance. See what our solutions can do for you.

Incenergy makes managing scores of programmable thermostats easy. Setting schedules, restricting access and monitoring performance are simple. Emailed alarms keep you a step ahead of hot and cold calls. Installation is quick and hassle free. You'll start saving money on your energy bills on day one!

The Incenergy mobile application on your smartphone or tablet puts controlling your HVAC systems at your fingertips. You can now keep building occupants happy and stay on top of your energy savings anywhere you go. 

Don’t pay for lighting that shouldn’t be on. Incenergy’s scheduled lighting controller shuts the lights off for you. Schedule your holiday lighting months, even years, in advance. 

Remote monitoring of temperatures keeps you in the know. Whether it is HVAC supply air, a data center, or a freezer or cooler, you want to know if the temperature is out of range. Emailed alarms keep unwelcome surprises at bay.

Tune your building’s energy consumption. With Incenergy’s Electricity Monitoring you’ll know right away if changes you are making are bringing down your building’s electricity demand. You’ll have the data to show the energy savings your efforts are reaping.