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Why Should I Upgrade?

Why upgrade your lighting systems to more energy-efficient technology?

It’s profitable. TechSmart’s lighting upgrades and retro-fits will significantly lower the cost of energy bills and improve light quality. This, in turn, improves working conditions and productivity. The more productive employees are, the more profitable your company is. 

With a lighting upgrade, you’re already shrinking electric bills with the energy savings alone, but there are ways to save even more money.  Nationwide rebates, incentives, and tax deductions are being offered for businesses that reduce their energy usage. 

Reducing energy consumption impacts more than your utility bill. “Going green” will give your business energy security, or independence. Upgrades can reduce maintenance costs as well as your carbon foot print. The “green” image also boosts your company’s reputation. Customers and employees alike find satisfaction and pride in buying from/working for an environmentally-conscious company. 

In a nutshell, upgrading your lighting systems can reduce:

  • Your expenses (especially electric bills).
  • Your company’s environmental impact (less pollution so you can breathe easier).
  • The country’s dependence on energy sources and raw materials.

And can improve:

  • Your company’s “green” image.
  • The value of your building (should you choose to lease or sell).
  • Morale and productivity with in a company.

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