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Ready Set Rebate

The rebate incentives from Ameren are a great prize and
should be a major motivation for upgrading the lighting in all your
facilities.  True the rebates set forth
at the first of the year have all been claimed but that reinforces the need for
companies to get ready now for a new release of rebates almost sure to come
soon. We don’t have a crystal ball but it is highly likely we’ll be seeing more
rebates come available and when they are released they will go like hotcakes.
The companies that do diligence to prepare for these highly sought after
rewards will place themselves in position to be successful in getting their
fair share. We here at TechSmart can help you get ready. There are a number of
preliminary steps we can help you to take to ensure you are ready to get these
incentives before they have a chance to slip through your fingers. The energy
savings you attain by upgrading your lighting are huge. Adding to that Ameren’s
rebates will make your ROI truly impressive. Contact us now to get the ball
rolling. The early bird always gets the worm. (Have I used enough clichés to
make my point? I hope so!!!)

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