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New Ameren Rebates

There are many reasons to upgrade your lighting systems to more energy-efficient technology. You’re reducing energy costs, “going green”, and saving money on energy bills. But wait, there’s more... 

Ameren Missouri has announced a new rebate program for 2013. The program will provide cash incentives, as well as technical assistance, for the installation of energy-efficient lighting, and is available for both commercial and industrial customers. These incentives will ensure you receive a quick payback on your investment, help cut energy costs, and lower energy consumption in both the present and future.  

Qualifying energy projects are:

  •   Replacement of inefficient HID and fluorescent lighting
  •   Installation of LED lamps
  •   Lighting controls
  •   and many more...

TechSmart would like to help you to take full advantage of these incentives. We’ll help you establish your rebate, and even assist with the paperwork. The savings are too good to pass up. Combine them with the 2005 Federal Energy Act (EPAct) and see a return on your investment in two years or less. 


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