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EPAct Tax Deductions Expiring 2013

  • 60 Cents Per Square Foot
  • One Year Deduction
  • Design to Meet These Requirements
  • Bi-Level Switching
  • Meet IESNA Lighting Standards and Energy Efficiency Based On ASHRA 90.1-2001

On average, lighting accounts for 40% of commercial electric bills. That’s a lot of money. Luckily, there are tax deductions and incentives that work hand in hand with new, energy-efficient lighting technology to reduce the cost. An especially helpful incentive is the “Energy Policy Act”, or EPAct. 

EPAct provides tax incentives to encourage more energy efficient buildings. These deductions are given to companies, warehouses, government facilities and other businesses that improve energy efficiency in either the entire building, or one of three building systems: Lighting, HVAC, or the building envelope. To qualify, a building/project must cut energy use to limits specified in ASHRAE 90.1-2001.

To date, lighting systems have been the biggest beneficiaries of EPAct deductions. Offers of up to 60 cents per square foot are given for lighting upgrades that meet ASHRAE 90.1-2001standards. TechSmart can help you meet these standards but, act quickly! EPAct expires December 31, 2013. Only 10% of qualifying projects utilize this deduction. Don’t miss out!




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