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Ameren Solar Rebates

We are working with Azimuth Energy to help you with your solar project.  The Ameren rebate application window opens on 11/1. There would be a site visit and preliminary engineering that would need to be done prior to 11/1 to complete requirements for submitting an application. We anticipate the rebate funding pool going fairly quickly which is why we are driven by the 11/1 date. The funding is first come first serve. If approved for a rebate the project needs to be installed by 6/30/19.

The rebate is all driven by your Ameren account. The rebate is made payable to the Ameren account holder name. The solar array size is defined by historical usage and the electrical load the array is offsetting are both linked to the Ameren account. As an example, a building owner would install and connect the system to offset their load rather than a tenant who has their own independent Ameren account.

Happy to have a quick phone conversation if you would like to learn more or have questions.




Paul Marske
Director of Business Development
web: Azimuth Energy
mobile: (314) 502-8497


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